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New Build Conveyancing

The government recently stated that more new homes need to be built to withstand the growing population. Causing the number of new build properties in England and Wales has risen dramatically, making buying a new build that bit easier.

Conveyancing for new builds is a more complex process and transaction than the purchase of an existing house.

It therefore requires particular skills from an expert conveyancing service. If you require conveyancing advice, or help with new build conveyancing, you can call us or e-mail us on Alternatively, visit our Get a Quote in 30 seconds button where you can get an instant quote to your inbox in 30 seconds!

When purchasing a new build, you will often be required to exchange contracts within a tight timescale, often 28 days or less. Fletcher Longstaff’s expert new build conveyancing team are experienced in operating under tight deadlines. We can confidently liaise with you, providing expert conveyancing advice. When buying a new build, we will also contact the property sellers and anyone else involved. Aiding in both the property purchase and your related property sale. Fletcher Longstaff are experts when it comes to conveyancing for new builds.


Why is buying a New Build Conveyancing different?

When buying a new build, property buyers are often faced with committing to the purchase before the property is built. This is referred to as “purchasing off plan”. As a buyer, you may purchase the property before construction has begun, or during the construction process. Generally, it is likely that you will have only viewed the show home.

The new build conveyancing process is different to a normal property purchase because:

  • It is the sale/purchase of a ‘new property’
  • The developer will have a large number of sales progressing at the same time
  • The developer may adopt a slightly different conveyancing process than normal
  • It is a sale of part, and as the developer usually owns the whole site, they will be disposing of it in the form of lots

To reduce the chances of losing your potential new property, contact us at the earliest possible opportunity – any mortgage enquiries should be submitted quickly. Buying a new build often means that there is no fixed completion date, which can sometimes be problematic. However, the team at Fletcher Longstaff are new build conveyancing experts, and are very experienced in these situations. We will efficiently communicate with all parties when buying a new build. We will also provide expert conveyancing advice where necessary. Making the new build conveyancing process as stress-free as possible for you.

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Any time I have discussed conveyancing solicitors it has always elicited rolling of the eyes and the sort of language heard at West Ham games along with an opinion that setting fire to the monies paid would have been a better use of said funds. We therefore did some research and chose Fletcher Longstaff as a result of the reviews we had seen on Trust Pilot. I am delighted to say that they far exceeded my expectations and were a real delight to deal with. Their organisation and communication is excellent, they actually managed to pressure the other (useless) solicitors in the chain to get tasks completed and kept us fully aware of everything at all times. Absolutely superb. Astasia and Jake thank you very much indeed for reducing the stresses and strains of moving. Giles Klech

What if you are part-exchanging your property?

Part-exchanging an existing property can be as complex as any other home buying process. The builder’s solicitor must ensure that all legal aspects of the property are in order. The team at Fletcher Longstaff are able to offer a full legal service.

So if you have any particular questions on conveyancing for new builds, or generally buying a new build property, please feel free to contact us today.