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Commissioner Of Oaths

If you need an important document witnessing, Fletcher Longstaff are fully authorised to carry this out for a reasonable fee.

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We don’t just provide a complete conveyancing service!
Fletcher Longstaff Limited serves as a Commissioner Of Oaths. Require a sworn statutory declaration, will amendments, or document witnessing? Contact us; fees for these services available upon inquiry.

What is a Commissioner of Oaths?

A Commissioner Of Oaths, appointed by the Lord Chancellor, administers oaths primarily for written statements. Various legal documents require swearing, like Last Wills. Proper preparation avoids legal issues and potential imprisonment for incorrect oaths.

The functions of Commissioner of Oaths

Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to legal protocols contribute to maintaining the trust and credibility of legal processes.

Ensure the evidence in question is in a written form (usually an affidavit)
Establish the person requesting this document has read the draft affidavit, and fully understands the content
Require the person to swear the affidavit is true, by raising the Testament in their right hand, whilst repeating the words of the oath
Provide verification that the affidavit was properly sworn, by completing a ‘jurat’

Certification of Documents

When seeking services like bank accounts or mortgages, you might need certified documents – authentic copies signed and dated by a professional like a solicitor. Fletcher Longstaff certifies various documents, including passports and bills.

Rated 5★ Excellent

We are the UK's number 1 rated conveyancing firm on Trustpilot
This is the second time we have gone with this company. And we can honestly say they honestly don't dissappoint and they know how to take most of the stress out of stressful situations. We had the pleasure of working with Kerry Mcginty, who was professional, extremely patient and friendly at all times. We put our house for sale around june/July 23 with the intention to buy another property and a smooth transition. However things didn't go to plan and we decided to not go ahead with said property but as we had a great buyer we decided to carry on with the sale and this completed in January 24. So as you can see the process was long, and we had l emotional turbulence. We honestly just wanted it to be known that Kerry's professionalism, supportive and understanding nature really shined through. So thank you for everything. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you.
I used Fletcher Longstaff's services for the purchase of a short-lease flat in London. Despite all the challenges of the case (tenant occupier, slow-acting solicitors of the seller, problems spotted by the surveyor) Craig Dickson did an excellent job in advising me and always keeping me in the loop at every step of the process. Thanks to his patience and meticulous work, the process ended well. In the end, I was a bit embarrassed about the price I had paid for their services as my case turned out to be more time-consuming than an average house purchase. They are fair and very professional. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
N. Simmons
Kerry provided an outstanding service start to finish. Easy to communicate with, responsive to us and other solicitors and super helpful throughout. We also loved the online portal which kept us up to date.
Lizzie Saywell
We completed today, I can not fault the great service this solicitors have given during the whole process, Kudos out there for Tom Hansen who has been great, the phone never went past 2 rings before he picked up, it just goes to show that trust pilot works, as I went off the 5 Star reviews and was not disappointed. sometimes it's hard to believe great review's, this one is 100% real and not done by Fletcher or Longstaff's mum, If I'm ever stupid enough to go through selling a house again, they'd be top of the list to handle it.
flip flop

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