We don’t just provide a complete conveyancing service! Fletcher Longstaff Limited is a Commissioner Of Oaths. Do you need a statutory declaration to be sworn, an ID1 completing, or a copy of a document to be witnessed? Contact us today. A fee for carrying out this commissioning work will be given on enquiry.

What is a Commissioner Of Oaths?

A Comissioner Of Oaths is a person appointed by Lord Chancellor with the power to administer oaths. Oaths are generally classed as statements in writing. However some other legal documents also fall within this category. There are a whole host of documents that usually need to be sworn. The most popular is needing a witness when signing a Last Will in Testament. When a witness is required, you must ensure the document is prepared by someone different. Otherwise, the Oath will not be withheld in court. Which could ultimately mean that you are sent to prison, due to having incorrectly sworn information.

Depending on the document that needs witnessing, our prices do vary. However our fees are extremely reasonable.

Adam Cheal, Director of the firm, is an authorised Commissioner Of Oaths. Please always contact us first to arrange an appointment.