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New Build Conveyancing

Navigating the complexities of purchasing a newly constructed property can be challenging, but you’re in the right place! Our specialised service covers every aspect of the new build conveyancing process, ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish.

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Conveyancing for new builds is a more complex process and transaction than the purchase of an existing house
Buying a new build property ‘off-plan’ can be an exciting but complex experience. Often, these purchases happen before construction has even begun, or while it’s underway, leaving you to make a decision based on a show home or plans. The conveyancing process for new build properties is distinct from that of standard property purchases, owing to unique considerations such as construction timelines, developer warranties, and more.

What's different from an existing property?

The developer will have a large number of sales progressing at the same time
The developer may adopt a slightly different conveyancing process than normal
There may be incentives from the developer that need consideration
Lenders may have different processes/lending criteria for new build purchases
As developers usually owns the whole site, they will sell off parts of the development in the form of lots

Part-exchanging your property?

Part-exchanging a property involves intricate details that require careful legal scrutiny, especially from a builder’s solicitor. We offer a comprehensive legal service tailored for new build conveyancing. Work with us for expert advice on navigating the complexities of new build property purchases.


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New build conveyancing is not just about transferring ownership; it’s about safeguarding your investment in a home that is still taking shape. With specialised legal expertise in this area, we help you navigate these complexities, ensuring a smooth journey from the first blueprint to the final brick.

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Fantastic service all round, especially Kerry. Was with me through two failed sales (not their fault) and progressed the final process in super quick time. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!
Tom was very helpful and the process was made clear for redeeming my Help to Buy Equity Loan. Did need to chase occasionally for updates but only due to my eagerness to complete.
I cannot recommend Fletcher Longstaff enough for all their help and support through my recent sale and purchase of my property move, they was so supportive and always answered any questions immediately, they went above and beyond. Thank you
Thorough advice, streamlined process, and always available for clarification. Fletcher Longstaff guided me through all the nuances and pitfalls of the buying process, all I could ask for.

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