As you are probably already aware, here at Fletcher Longstaff we pride ourselves in being one of the very few conveyancing firms who offer clarity from the very start of the conveyancing process. We are always upfront and transparent with our conveyancing fees, and we even have a dedicated page showing our yearly legal fees, and average legal fee per case.

It seems that the CLC (The Council for Licensed Conveyancers) is finally realising the importance of transparent conveyancing fees, and is taking proactive steps to get all conveyancers on board.

New Transparency Drive

As well as displaying conveyancing fees upfront, all licensed conveyancers are also being encouraged to indicate their predicted conveyancing timescales to the general public too.

CLC practices will have to make cost information (as well as any referral arrangement fees) readily available on their websites, and other formats if requested by potential clients. They will also need to clearly state the services provided, key stages in the delivery of these services, and predicted timescales of the conveyancing process too.

These rules could be in places as early as next year, once they have been approved by the Legal Services Board.

Why the changes now?

After research conducted by the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority), it was found that small business within the legal services sector are struggling, and the lack of transparency weakens competition between providers. Making it hard for consumers to make informed choices when it comes to choosing a conveyancer. By introducing higher levels of transparency about not only price, but service and quality, consumers will find it easier to make comparisons.

Risk for conveyancers

Although this move is focused on consumers, and their purchasing habits, some conveyancers may see this push for transparency as a threat. There is a risk that consumers will be driven solely by price, with little consideration to the level of service offered. That is why consistency is key. If transparency is going to happen, it needs to happen across the board of conveyancers. At the end of the day, consumers need to be able to make an informed decision, which is something we take very seriously at Fletcher Longstaff.

We feel that this push by the CLC is a very positive one, and will really aid in providing clarity for anyone looking for conveyancing services. Of course we are already ahead of the game, but its nice to see the CLC are taking transparency so seriously. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your conveyancing, and more information on our conveyancing fees.