There seems to be more and more good news for first time buyers at the minute, particularly when it comes to purchasing new build properties. A recent new planning rulebook set out by the government (on the 24th July) has clearly indicated the government are planning to delivery more quality, well-designed homes.

As well as this being good new for potential first time buyers, the new regulations will also help councils. Allowing them to easily challenge poor quality and unattractive developments. Giving local communities a greater input into how new developments in their area both look and feel.

Building to our needs

Following a public consultation launched by the Prime Minister earlier on this year, this new rulebook will help the build of more new homes. Not only that, but they will be able to be built quickly, and in desirable locations.

After listening to tens and thousands of people’s housing views, ministers have come up with a solution of building 300,000 new homes by the middle of 2020. So an excellent opportunity for those wanting to jump on the property ladder in the next few years. If you have been thinking about setting up a Help To Buy ISA, now has never been a better time.

Focus on quality design

Communities will have a much larger input with the introduction of this new rulebook. With an emphasis on engaging with locals, and allowing them to see the proposed development before build begins. This means that new developments will fit in with the current surroundings, working together to improve the local area.

This new framework also gives more flexibility to local councils on refusing permission for developments that don’t compliment the local surroundings. Maximising the use of the local land is also key here. If the proposed developments simply don’t look like they will provide enough homes, councils will be able to refuse them based on these grounds.

Environment protection

Surprisingly, there has also been consideration taken into the local environment within this rulebook! Providing more protection for biodiversity, reducing the impact of new developments on the existing wildlife that have nearby habitats.

The planning system aligns more closely with DEFRA’s 25 year environment plan, which has a core focus on creating a better environment for future generations. So all very positive news in all!


These are just a couple of things that this exciting new planning framework will affect. For further information please refer to the final National Planning Policy Framework. If you would like any conveyancing advice, particularly with regards to newly built homes, please do not hesitate to contact the expert team at Fletcher Longstaff for free advice.